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“The drawings are wonderful..Diego is a riot, and Isabelle stole my heart..”
Leslie Baldwin, Columnist
Arcade Herald, Arcade, NY

“My granddaughter Ashley is required to read chapter books, which she hates, because she loves lots of
pictures found only in picture books.  That is what is so great about your book.  It counts as a
chapter book,
but is loaded with illustrations. 
Now, you can’t get her nose out of  a book.”

   Pat Nyberg, Library Assistant, Jacksonville, FL.

 “The word from the younger readers in our household is two
thumbs up!  The girls loved the story!!!”
            Kim Liegel, Computer Programmer,
SanDiego, CA.

“Downside Up is a delightful tale of farm life for younger readers.”
Mary Reinbold
Hudson Park School Librarian
Rainier, Oregon

“I loved it! I want my grandma to get the next book soon,
so I can find out what happens to Diego!”
Amanda Sprague 12, Buffalo, NY